This effort to brain wash kids to make them the way you want and not what they are is getting bad.

I am not promoting the military expansion into the schools as in Brazil. As much as I detest religion, those parents that are Muslim do not condone LGBT propaganda or indoctrination. We in America already have our kids brainwashed to believe any sex that isn’t or doesn’t lead to pregnancy is abstinence.
Control the future by program the youth of today to be the future polyamorous Greta Thunberg.
[Dr. Duke Show] Ep. 140 – Parents Defeat Planned Parenthood Sex Ed In Liberal Massachusetts #drDukeShow #Indoctrination #CommonCore #Education via @PodcastAddict

Disney is now suffering the fatality of history revisionists or applying today’s standards to yesterday’s work. Oh, and never following the lore or myth as it is contextually in the original.

Disney has never stayed true to the original morality or culture of the story. Lauren Chen may be aiming to criticize the movies and context in the time they were illustrated in or time written for. She was right on Pocahontas as she was done wrong and existed the hero of the animated version was not the hero of the real story. Aladin was written in the Arabic culture, more specifically the Islamic realm. I detest religion, but I respect it in so much the tales that come from such faiths. Aladin had two genies, and the djinn is also the other name Genies are called. Nor was the wizard and Jafa the same person. Now that remake of Mulan is more accurate to the original according to the trailers, youngest of three, more like her father. One could say she could be used as a feminist icon is after being found out; she served honorably for ten more years and was the commanding officer. Pinocchio was a vastly different tale from the story told by Disney. This is Disney’s karma coming back on them for not respecting the legacy of the tales of such stories they tell.

Below are links to a good podcast, Myth, and Legends, that told the stories as close as he could to the original with research into the tale. I recommend the podcast.

[Pseudo-Intellectual with Lauren Chen] Ep 113 | Is Disney PROBLEMATIC? Racism In Disney+?

[Myths and Legends] 36A-Pocahontas: The Empire Business

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[Myths and Legends] 112C-Pinocchio: Whale Jail

An upcoming live-action adaptation of Mulan is more accurate to the original. I hope they do it justice.

[Myths and Legends] 4-Mulan: A Likely Hero

After nine hours of the Impeachment hearing not forwarding my opinion in favor. As the main witness admitted to presuming and assuming motive, never told outright there were strings attached. Then my regular news makes me just sad.

So take Christianity out of school as that’s pushing it on them. But push Islamic cult on them, yes I consider all religions cults, not sorry. This is the leftist at their finest.
[Dr. Duke Show] Ep. 138 – First Graders Taught Muslim Ramadan, Skip Christian Christmas via @PodcastAddict

The US Is Becoming more Conservative Because Democrats DONT Have Kids

Leftist are not having babies, conservative house holds are. So to solve the future culture divide possible coming as maybe the kids will associate or rebel for or against their parents politics. The solution is to indoctrinate them starting in pre-school. Freedom Project has only been highlighting this for the last year and half. Daily wire doesn’t know it but it is in the US right now not wide spread like in Canada but will be in the future ask Austin Texas, California, New Jersey and more coming.
Leftists Push Drag Queen Story Hour For Public Schools, Libraries

[FreedomProject Media] Drag Queen Agenda Part Of The LGBTQ+ Roll-Out via @PodcastAddict

This day on Sunday nothing stops the ball from rolling. More bad news and on both sides.

How did a person hired to do a hit get off so easily? The judges were stacked as while they focus on the Supreme Court. They assigned everything from the ground up like a Constructivist. They already admitted Climate Change movement isn’t about solving problems, it’s about dismantling society.
AOC it was a tax break, not money on hand, and they probably got a tax break on the low, so you look like an airhead as insulting as it is to airheads.
[Tim Pool Daily Show] Ocasio Cortez LIES To Cover Up MASSIVE Jobs Failure Meanwhile Trump Boasts Best Numbers Of Our Lives via @PodcastAddict

“Antifa: How The Left Learned To Stop Thinking And Love Violence”

The politicization of aid to states in need of assistance via conflict or the state of their affairs internally is universal, not just on Trump.

The burden should be even; we should decrease our contributions to other nations in the form of aid. Or they match our contribution straight out. We are as Americans disproportionately funding other countries.

While we contribute so much, they use their surplus to expand their social safety net. This leading to the call of socialist in the USA to ask, “why not.” Begging the question us doing what Nordic and European states are doing. As Charlie Kirk points out, the more military engagements and bases, we have out there. The more we stretch our forces thin. They cost Americans more money, increasing our military budget more, and more.

Ignoring that, we provide security, also securing our dominance in the same note via paying for their safety by leasing our military out.

[She Thinks] Why Foreign Aid Does More Harm Than Good via @PodcastAddict

The 2019 Long-Term Budget Outlook | Congressional Budget Office

Here is a link to a PDF explaining the connection of politicization of aid, notwithstanding who is the president. Hint this happened before Trump or Obama as it was in 2007.

The attack on education and dumbing down or lowering of standards in education bears it’s fruits. Home and Private/Charter schools are safe for now but the future is what happens in California.

Who knew that the implimentation of No Child Left Behind under Bush Jr, then Common Core under Obama would lead to a massive failure and dumbing down or lowering of educational standards? I did and I barely care for politics during both of their terms or was old enoght to vite during Bush Jr era. This is planned and targeted.
Simple solution, allow school choice and make the teachers actually teach, improve their standards and the kids that make the cut will be of a better cut. Home and Private Schools may be safe for now. All we have to do is look at California where the Public school rules are influencing or will be Private and Home Schooling standards.

[Dr. Duke Show] Ep. 137 – Common Core Graduates Worst-Prepared In 15 Years #drDukeShow via @PodcastAddict

Current Bills & Alerts | California Homeschool Network

So from left to right we will split America. This impeachment double down and culture divide isn’t good.

I will be using Think Spot more after the smears as it’s based on legal speech not SJW subjective speech. Star Bucks finally pushing back on discrimination against police but too late as I never shopped there. This call for hanging of people you hate as it is legally written is just as bad as Antifa punching people for verbal disagreements. The Hearing was more of the same. Opinion from social elites who are educated, presuming and assuming. One attacking a kid who isn’t on the left but the apologizing but with a disclaimer as for Trump doesn’t. Make me think that was planned.

So all that brainpower and not even close to a consensus on what abuse of power is. Making the definition so broad that even Obama would be hit with it. So it is really Trump Derangment Syndrome at work?

House Impeachment Inquiry Hearing – Feldman, Karlan, Gerhardt & Turley Testimony

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